Troy C Van Sickle – Successful Business Professional in Palm Springs, California

Troy C Van Sickle is a successful business professional residing in Palm Springs, California. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics from the University of California, Los Angeles and has over fifteen years’ experience in the advertising industry. He has also worked in the real estate industry and is currently the CEO of the Van Sickle Group in Palm Springs.

Troy C Van Sickle worked as a truck driver to help pay for his college education, and after graduating from UCLA, he became a partner of a commercial driving company. He graduated from university in 1993, and the following year received his real estate license and started working for one of the leading real estate firms in Palm Springs, California. Within a few years of entering the real estate business, he built up a reputation for himself as a reliable and experienced real estate agent. While he was working as a real estate agent, he still continued to be involved in his driving company where he was a partner.

After working for several years in both real estate and the trucking industry, Troy C Van Sickle founded his company, the Van Sickle Group, a consulting firm offering a variety of services to individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations in the Southern California region. He is a respected member of the Palm Springs community. He is also an animal rights activist who has volunteered at several animal welfare shelters in the area. He currently lives with his five children in Palm Springs, California.