Troy C Van Sickle – Helping Those Less Fortunate

Troy C Van Sickle is a high accomplished professional who has led a noteworthy career in both the real estate and trucking industries. He held numerous positions throughout his careers in trucking and real estate and excelled in both fields simultaneously. Utilizing his keen ability to lead teams both large and small, he climbed up the ranks and became the co-owner of a Palm Springs real estate firm as well as a successful trucking company all before the age of 40.

He is a graduate of the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). At UCLA, he was a member of the Honor Society and graduated at the top of his class. Earning his degree in 1993, he continued his dedication to excellence as a Business Consultant to a variety of organizations. He has always been passionate about helping people in need and, even during the early years of his career, made a point to devote much of his spare time to supporting nonprofit organizations.

Troy C Van Sickle obtained his real estate license in 1994. By the year 2000, he was a well-established real estate professional in Palm Springs, California. Palm Springs is a world famous resort city and home to some of the county’s most sought-after residential properties. It is considered one of the hottest realty markets in the world. Troy C Van Sickle’s experience in trucking began after he became a licensed truck driver in 1992, one year before graduating from UCLA. He always strives to emulate his professional success with altruistic actions in his local community.


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